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Fun Flea Facts: Things You Might Not Know About Fleas

Fleas have some interesting traits you might not know, and here are a few tips on flea pest control.

Fleas – Nature’s tini vampire

If you didn’t know, fleas are parasites and they feed off of blood. They usually feed on mammals like rodents, but they also can get into your home and feed off of you or pets like cats and dogs. Fleas are almost microscopic but they can have a huge appetite.

Some female fleas have been known to drink up to 15 times their weight in blood daily!  Eating isn’t the only thing that fleas do in large numbers.

Another area they excel at is jumping. Fleas in some cases can actually jump up to 8 inches. That doesn’t sound like too much, until you factor in that it is well over 100 times their own height. If humans did that, we could jump over some of the tallest sky scrapers.

Why having a flea circus might not be the best idea…

On top of fleas being parasites, they also can carry many diseases.  Not anything recent in the news, but fleas are most famous for being a key component in spreading the Bubonic Plague.  During one such outbreak over 25 million people died from the plague. Again, this isn’t any sort of immediate threat these days, but it definitely shows the importance of getting rid of fleas in case a new type of disease comes along they can carry and spread.

When fleas bite, they can cause allergic reactions in you and your pets, in addition to other pests they may inhabit. Flea bites typically cause itching and tiny red bumps. They can also carry other diseases and things like tapeworms so keeping them away from you and your pets is important.

A few things to do to prevent and get rid of fleas

One of the best ways to get rid of fleas is to protect your pets with flea collars and properly cleaning up your home. Fleas can breed in large numbers rather quickly. The average adult flea can lay over 2000 eggs in their lifetime.

Keeping your pets on leashes and out of tall grasses on walks and giving them frequent baths to get rid of any fleas that may have jumped on them is an important part of prevention. Flea collars are another great addition for your pets to keep them flea free.

Frequent vacuuming is another activity that can help keep fleas in check and out of your home. Do this in any location that your pets come in contact with, such as pet beds, couches, and your carpet. It is especially important to not overlook vacuuming underneath such things as well.

Fleas like to hide out and breed in these areas in addition to on you or your pets, so eliminating their presence in their habitat with vacuuming is important. Fleas can still breed and live inside of your vacuum bag as well so the added touch of adding a flea collar to the bag can prevent issues from fleas continuing to breed inside your vacuum.

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