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Flea Prevention tips and how to prevent fleas on your pets

Flea prevention tips and how to prevent fleas and tips for getting rid of fleas

Top flea prevention tips for how to prevent fleas and keep your pets safe

  • Keep your yard clean – Fleas stay in tall grass and shrubs. If you can keep the grass mowed and shrubs trimmed, you limit fleas access to your yard. Wind and sunlight kills flea larva. The more open your yard and access to sunlight, the better you can prevent fleas. This also reduces the rodent and wildlife harborage limiting the opportunity for other animals to introduce fleas.
  • Vacuum often – Fleas are often found living in carpeting and rugs so if you can keep them clean, it can be an effective answer for how to prevent fleas. Fleas can also end up on other areas your pets hang out like pet beds, furniture, or your car. Vacuuming can eliminate a large volume of fleas.
  • Other outdoor wildlife can bring in fleas to your home – Pests like mice, rats, raccoon, etc. can carry fleas as well. If they are around your yard, or have mice or rats in your home, they can be another source of fleas in your home. If you are experiencing wildlife pests contact a pest control service to take care of them and set up control measures such as exclusion or bait traps around and in your home.
  • Using flea collars and flea treatments for prevention is another effective method to keep fleas off of your pets and to keep them from bringing fleas into your home as well.
  • Avoid taking your pets into highly populated flea areas, such as wooded areas, and tall grass.
  • Groom your pet regularly – the simple act of keeping hair from matting and brushing out pet hair will limit hiding places and dislodge eggs and hitchhikers before they get a chance to settle in and expand populations.

What if you already have fleas and it’s too late for flea prevention?

  • In addition to vacuuming, you can treat high traffic areas for your pets, such as kennels, pet beds, etc.
  • If your pet has fleas the first step is to treat your pet. Start with a medication or topical treatment that kills all stages of the life cycle of fleas. If you leave the larva alive, it will just leave the door open for the flea problem to come back. You can follow up with a flea shampoo as another level of flea prevention.
  • Throw away all vacuum bags – If you don’t throw away the bags the larva you vacuumed up can continue their lifecycle and eventually reproduce.
  • Hiring a professional pest control expert is your best bet for getting rid of fleas and for future flea prevention

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