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Easy tips for how to prevent bed bugs you can use

A few simple tips you can use for how to prevent bed bugs in your home.

If you really want to keep your home bed bug free, learn how to prevent bed bugs

If you are going on vacation, be sure to check over your belongings and luggage whenever you travel. Most often bed bugs get into your home from some other location that already has a bed bug infestation. Whenever moving, make sure to check over the boxes and furniture you bring into your new home. A moving truck could be another place bed bugs could end up.

You need to know where bed bugs hang out in order to prevent bed bugs

The more beds in a building, the more likely bed bugs are going to be there. Be aware if you go to a large hotel, college dorm, apartment complex, etc. If you have kids coming back from college for the summer, be sure to check over the things they bring back before you put them in your home.  Bed bugs like warmth so they can sometimes hide in an electronic device like a laptop or other things you wouldn’t expect. Bed bugs tend to hang out around where you sleep, so beds, bed frames, box springs, and around your bedding should be the first spot you check for bed bugs at home or when you travel.  Don’t bring used mattresses or furniture into your home. If you do, be sure to check them over for bed bugs first before you bring it inside.

How to prevent bed bugs – Check over your hotel room when you travel

If you are traveling be sure to check over common problem areas for signs of bedbugs before you stay there. Be sure to go to a different hotel if you find signs of bed bugs so you don’t risk bringing them back home with you. Beyond taking off the sheets in hotels to check for bed bugs, you should be checking cracks and crevices on furniture in the room. Also if there happens to be wooden furniture with cushions, check those as well. Bed bugs don’t seem to hang out on metal or plastic furniture, but if there is upholstered furniture they can live in the cracks. Again if there is anywhere with frequent body heat bed bugs may hang out there.

Inspect your clothes before you pack them back into your luggage. Luckily bed bugs don’t typically travel on humans, however they will hang out on clothing and bedding so you can pack your clothing in plastic bags if you feel you may have stayed in a hotel with bed bugs. If it’s too late for you to prevent bed bugs, and you already have an infestation, and you are in the greater Minnesota area, be sure to reach out to the pros at Rove Pest Control to help get rid of bed bugs in your home. 

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