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If you aren’t seeing bugs do you still need a pest control service

There is a common misconception that unless you are seeing a lot of bugs that you don’t have any pest issues and you shouldn’t use a pest control service.

Rare Insect Sightings: Signs You Need Professional Pest Control

Depending on the pests you’re be seeing, an occasional pest might not be that big of deal. However, what pest you see and when you see them may suggest a larger issue. Cockroaches for example are mainly a nocturnal animal. If you have seen one, you most likely haven’t seen them all especially if you see them in the day. Rarely will a cockroach leave its hiding places during the day unless there is a larger infestation.

Another common pest is carpenter ants. These ants tend to nest and live in wood around your home. They tend to hide in walls and doors and ceilings and window frames. They like rotting or moist wood so if you have leaks or entry points around your home that get lots of rain or are damp they can find their way into your home. Even an occasional sighting of these pests could mean you have an infestation on your hands. If you are seeing the winged ants around your home coming from cracks and walls you most likely have a population nearby that needs addressed. Another sign you may have an issue worth pursuing and not know it is if you are seeing wood shavings or sawdust piles around your wood furniture or walls.

Other pests and warning signs you might have an infestation and need to hire a pest control service

House crickets can be another issue, that if not controlled, can bring a lot of damage to your home. Crickets like to feed on fabrics like wool and bedding and clothing much like moths do. If you are noticing damage to these types of things and you haven’t seen moths around your house you may be dealing with a house cricket infestation. House crickets tend to move indoors as temperatures cool down in the fall. If you are hearing cricket chirps and they seem to becoming from inside your home this is another strong indicator, especially if you are  hearing this in the day. Crickets are nocturnal so if you see them or hear them during the day you might have a larger issue on your hands and should contact a pest control professional.


Mice should be another concern. If you see any warning signs or even an occasional sighting you should contact a pest control service immediately. Mice are carriers of and can spread many diseases that transfer to humans and your pets. You might not even see any mice, but if you are seeing any mice droppings you need to start taking action right away. Mice are extremely fast to reproduce and multiply. Female mice can start reproducing in as little as two months after being born, so if left unchecked you can have a large infestation on your hands very quickly. Mice tend to make their nests out of fabrics, paper, and insulation among other things around your house.

If you start to see damage to those things around your home, you may also have a mice infestation in your home. Mice are another nocturnal pest that if you see them during the day you almost surely have a larger problem and infestation. Mice like cockroaches would typically only be out in the day due to overcrowding. So even if you don’t see pests often or at all, you should know the other warning signs of an infestation before it’s too late. If you suspect a pest infestation in your home and are in the greater Minnesota area, be sure to contact Rove Pest Control for a free consultation.

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