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Do you have a Fruit Fly or Phorid Fly problem?

A common problem people encounter in restaurants and other businesses are Fruit Flies. They can also be Phorid Flies, which require a different method to treat for them.

Identification of fruit flies vs Phorid flies

Most people will get these two kinds of flies confused. While it might not seem like a huge deal if they are miss identified, you might be wasting your time doing the wrong treatment. The two do look very similar. One distinct difference is that Fruit Flies have red eyes, while the Phorid Flies do not.

Improper identification can lead to treating for the wrong pest and inability to find the source of the population. We recommend reaching out to a pest control service to help you identify the correct insect.

Where Fruit Flies live and breed

Fruit Flies tend to eat and breed in rotting fruit. They’ll feed off of sweet juices, and drinks like alcohol. It’s important to wipe down all surfaces, and avoid any standing water in places like restaurants and bars.

You tend to see build up of fruit fly activity if these things are not kept in check. A clean and dry bar for example can help to reduce an infestation. However properly sealing and covering juice and alcohol containers can help keep fruit flies in check as well. There are various methods that can work to get rid of fruit flies, in addition to the preventive measure stated above.

Often fruit flies continue to breed and hide rather well in restaurants where constant spills and food handling it is very difficult to keep them in check. It’s recommended to seek out assistance from a reliable pest control service to keep Fruit fly issues from getting out of hand.

Where Phorid Flies live and breed

Phorid Flies have slightly different things that they feed off of than Fruit Flies, but in the case of restaurants, both types could be there for different reasons. They tend to feed off of decaying animal matter as well as food matter. Phorid Flies tend to be found in drains and feed and breed in decaying substances found there.

If you have a build up of food matter and decay in your drains and pipes it could be a prime location of Phorid Flies. Since these flies also like to breed in rotting flesh it they often tend to spread disease and are more than just a nuisance. Unlike the Fruit Fly that tends to feed off of rotting fruit and sugary substances such as juices and sodas, and alcohols.

With both types of flies being common and could both be an issue for different reasons it’s important to have proper identification to select the proper treatments. Getting a pest control service like Rove Pest Control will help with properly identifying and treating the correct pest issue.

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