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Do Spider Bites Itch?

Do spider bites itch?  Do spider bites just hurt, or something more extreme? In this post we answer some common concerns around spider bites and find out if spider bites itch or not.

The chances you actually have a spider bite is very low

We mention this often, but a lot of people think that spiders are very aggressive creatures. It is not surprising this belief is so far spread since they are portrayed that way in scary movies. In reality, they don’t usually bother humans at all. Spiders tend to stick to themselves and are rather skittish around people.

In other words, spiders don’t seek out humans to bite. In most cases, the average spiders in your home don’t even have strong enough fangs to bite through human skin.

Additionally, spiders are venomous, but aren’t necessarily poisonous to humans. Spiders can be very dangerous towards their prey and their venom can have serious side effects and even cause death, but again, for their prey not humans.

There certainly are a few spiders that can be extremely dangerous to humans, such as the Black Widow, or Brown Recluse spider, but in most cases, spiders aren’t harmful to humans. Even the ones mentioned that have potential to harm humans, they aren’t actively seeking out opportunities to bite people.

There are several factors influencing whether spider bites itch or just hurt, but many do both

In the rare case you were actually bitten by a spider, you could experience a variety of spider bite symptoms, however most of the time, spider bites would cause minor pain and itching.

The answer to the question,  “do spider bites itch?” depends on what kind of venom a spider has, how much of such venom is released in a given bite, as well as if you are allergic to that venom. As we stated above, many spiders are dangerous and deadly to their prey, but not to humans, and the same goes for their venom.

Some spider venom that could be deadly to their prey can just cause minor irritation for humans. This can be one reason why spider bites itch. Instead of causing major issues as the spider venom does with their prey, in humans, it can simply be a mild itch along with the pain of being bitten.

Not all spiders are venomous as well, so in those cases, a spider bite may just hurt and not itch. The reason your body itches after a spider bite is that it is a reaction from your immune system to start the healing process and neutralize the venom from the spider bite.

Other symptoms

There can be other spider bite symptoms as well in addition to itching, but those are in rare circumstances. Check out our post about spider bite symptoms HERE

Overall, spider bites aren’t really something you should worry about if you are seeing a lot of spiders in your home. However, if you are seeing lots of spiders in your home, it probably means that you have other pest issues going on behind the scenes.

Spiders feed on other pests such as insects, so if there is high spider activity, that means there is enough other pest activity going on that can sustain the spiders in your home. We recommend having your home treated for pests, even in winter, if you are seeing a lot of spider activity to get rid of potential pest problems hidden throughout your home.

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