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Pest Control Myth: I have a new home so I probably don’t need pest control, right?

I have a new home so I probably don’t need pest control, right?

This is a great question. I think it’s great mostly because I can understand why many folks believe they don’t need to worry about pest issues during the first year or two of their new home. A common belief with a new home is that it takes time for pests to find their way to a new structure and become a nuisance, or something I have heard more than once is “Our builder is the best. There is no way for insects to get inside our home. It is sealed up tighter than a drum.” Here are a couple things to consider.

When you pick the lot that will be the site of your new dream home, what thought is given to the insects and rodents that already call that great piece of land home? As the earth is excavated and disrupted, so are the nests of many insects and rodents. These ants, moles, voles, mice, etc. have already staked that piece of land as their home. The reality is that your new home will be built right on top of the homes of what you and I would consider “unwanted pests”. An early developed pest management strategy will prevent your new home from becoming the site for a block party you have no intention of hosting.

During the construction process houses are left unprotected to the environment until the final stages of the building process. The open nature of the home it provides many great opportunities for pests to find places within the home to nest. Most people don’t notice a barrage of pests inside initially because most bugs are content to stay within the walls.

What goes with a beautiful new home? A beautiful lawn. This is one of the first things homeowners tackle as soon as they have moved in. Many insects and eggs are commonly present as you and other neighboring homeowners start landscaping and introducing turf and mulch. Ants, centipedes, earwigs, and sow bugs are commonly and frequently found under mulch. These pests will eventually find harborage within walls of the home as they seek shelter from the elements and predators.

Thinking you do not need a pest management strategy due to your home being new is an understandable perception. A pest professional taking care of your home and ensuring you are protected against these unwanted invaders will offer peace of mind.