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Did You Know?

Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage every year.

Warning Signs:

  • High Moisture Content – High moisture levels in bathrooms, kitchens, crawl spaces, and other areas of the home can be conducive to and/or indicate possible Termite presence.
  • Discarded Wings – Can be found in spider webs, on surfaces around the foundation or on window sills.
  • Mud Tunnels – Tiny pieces of soil, wood and debris are used to protect the colony from predators and conserve moisture.
  • Live Termites – Winged or not, the presence of Termites is a good indicator a population is nearby.
  • Geographic Location – Different areas of the United States carry varying levels of Termite risk.
  • Time – Long lapses of time between Termite inspections, treatment, and/or policy renewal.

For these reasons, Rove Pest Control uses the most proactive, precise and innovative resources to combat any and all Termite issues.

Even after the last Termite has dropped dead, Rove continues to provide the most effective Termite prevention.

Rove’s Termite Services

Prevention: There are several steps that can be taken to decrease the possibility of a Termite infestation.

Rove educates its customers on what to watch for around the home, in the landscaping, and in new items introduced into the environment.

Customers are also offered inspections and a variety of products and services that will assist in keeping them Termite free.

Treatment: Rove uses technologically advanced equipment and products to provide its customers with the most effective treatment for any of their Termite issues.

Rove will customize the treatment techniques to match each home’s needs related to construction style and environmental factors