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Do you have a Devil bug problem?

We have been getting this question a lot lately – what bug is this and should I be worried?

Do you have a Devil bug problem_


Do you have a devil bug or just a friendly bug in disguise?

Up close this bug looks like a terrifying creature. Many people think they may need to call a exterminator immediately. Looks can be deceiving. This is actually the larva stage of a lady bug.

Lady Bugs might not seem the most intimidating of bugs but they can still cause some pest problems you might not realize, but they also have some benefits. There are over 5,000 different species of lady bug beetles so depending on what kind are in your home they may be helpful or harmful.

Depending on what species of lady bugs you have they either stay in small numbers all year or they build large numbers and congregate on homes as well as infiltrate the wall voids and interior. Either way they eat other bugs and pests that tend to eats and destroy crops and landscaping plants. You can tell if you might have a lady bug infestation if you are seeing large numbers on the outside of your house and if there is also heavy concentration of bugs around cracks in your house. This situation is typically the asian lady beetle which were introduced into the US in the 70’s.

A few lady bug facts you might not know

Lady bugs have a unique defense mechanism and they “bleed” from their knees. They basically release their inner juices to ward off predators. These juices smell very bad to their predators and it can be used to keep the lady bugs safe.

According to national geographic “Their distinctive spots and attractive colors are meant to make them unappealing to predators. Ladybugs can secrete a fluid from joints in their legs which gives them a foul taste. Their coloring is likely a reminder to any animals that have tried to eat their kind before: “I taste awful.” A threatened ladybug may both play dead and secrete the unappetizing substance to protect itself.”

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