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Detection – What to Watch For

It’s that time off year when those little black insects with white wings called swamer termites can invade your home causing panic and concern for many home owners. Often confused with flying ants, swarmers are an indication that the queen of an established termite colony has given a pheromone to produce winged termites that will leave the colony, find a mate, and start a new colony. Often by this point, the established colony has gone undetected and reached a population of up to one million termites.1

Signs of a termite infestation include mud tubes about the size of a number two pencil. Also visible specs of mud or dirt on the sheetrock in your home caused from termites eating the paper backing of the sheetrock. The mud tubes are used to protect the termites as they leave the soil and find a cellulose food source above ground

Termites eat with the wood grain causing detectable and undetected damage sometimes even hollowing out wall studs and flooring. Our professional termite inspections can detect these and other hidden signs of infestation. As the leader in termite protection Rove provides the best possible termite treatments and warranty using top rated termiticide along with the latest technology protecting your home for years to come.