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Christmas Tree Hitchhikers

As the holidays are getting into full swing, some people mistakenly let pests into their home without realizing it. They can come in on decorations, and especially live Christmas trees.

One source of pests can be from your Christmas tree

There’s always the option of having a fake Christmas tree, but many tend to prefer the real thing. Beyond the mess of sap and pine needles that can get all over your home, there is the added concern of bringing pests in.

During the winter months, many pests go into an overwintering state. They’ll burrow inside of trees to stay warm and survive the winter. When you bring those trees into the warmth of your home these pests could wake up and find comfort in other parts of your home.

As temperatures warm, pests will think it is spring time and start to emerge and/or hatch from their eggs. If you bring in a real Christmas tree, the heat in your home could inadvertently trigger some of these pests to come out of hibernation and start causing problems.

Another source of pests you might be bringing into your home is through Christmas wreaths

Wreaths are another source for pests you might not be aware of. Whether they are hanging on your door or inside your home, it can have the same effect as trees. Most of the time, wreaths are made with tree branches that have fallen off of trees and that have been laying on the ground or clipped from live trees.

If the branches have been laying on the ground there could be a variety of pests that could have latched on. If they were taken from a live tree, it’s the same as what happens with the case of the Christmas trees above.

Obviously you can still have live Christmas trees and fresh, off-the-tree wreaths in your home, but make sure you pay close attention and inspect to see if there are any pest hitchhikers that may have came along with them.

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