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Can PH Levels In Your Water Affect Doing Your Own Pest Control?

We find that some people are big “do it yourselfers” and they really want to take their pest control into their own hands, one of the reasons we recommend against that is that PH levels in your water can actually have a negative effect on how pest control works.

The Impact of Incorrect PH in Water on DIY Pest Control Effectiveness

Most people that try and do their own pest control pretty much just buy a product and point and spray. Unfortunately when you do this on your own, you might be missing crucial factors for results like the PH of your water.

There is a chemical process called hydrolysis this can happen when the incorrect level PH water is added to a pest control product. This can alter the chemical composition of the pest control products you are using. What this means to you is that if you need to add water to a specific product you are using and the PH of the water is wrong it can nullify the product.

The last thing you want to do is spend your money on a product and find out that all your time and effort goes to nothing when the product doesn’t work because the PH of the water in your home caused your pest control products to fail.

The other side of the coin could be that the PH in your water is too low

When the PH level in your water is too low this means that the acidity of the water is very high. This can actually breakdown the components of the pest control products as well, and render them useless a lot faster than they would normally break down.

Each individual product has it’s own safe PH levels and if you aren’t regulating that to the specific products you are using, it could just nullify everything you do.

A symptom of this happening could be that pests are appearing resistant to the pest control products you are using. This could also be happening because pest control products from over the counter aren’t always as effective as the ones professionals use, but adding the wrong PH level water can cause this as well.

The professionals at Rove Pest Control use specific buffers in conjunction with the pest control products they use to optimize for the correct PH levels in the water no matter where you live and what the water you have at home is like.

This is another reason we recommend against doing your own pest control and instead suggest if you have pest issues to always reach out to a professional pest control service. For more information and the high level science behind PH levels in your water and pest control you can check out this article CLICK HERE

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