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What to do with your camping gear to prevent pests

Summer is approaching and camping season is coming up. It’s important to know a few tips to keep you and your camping gear pest free.

Be sure to leave cologne and perfume out of your camping gear

Cologne and perfume can attract bugs. Camping usually isn’t the most glamorous of things, and usually hygiene isn’t the number one priority. You may think this would be a great time to bring and use your favorite cologne. Unfortunately, this could be one cause of pests while camping. You aren’t the only one that thinks your perfume or cologne smells good, so do insects and other pests. If you want to keep pests away from your RV or camp site, leave your cologne and perfume at home.

Screen rooms and screens on your RV are a must if you want to stay pest free

Most people don’t check over their screens on their tents or RVs to look for holes or damage. This is one key entry point for pests that you can control. Even small holes can let in tiny pests which attracts larger pests. If you want to keep pests out, you can also get an outdoor screened in house tent for more of an outdoor patio feel. One of the main way pests come into your home after camping is from hitchhiking on you. Pests can get on your clothing and get packed into your camping gear coming back home. So if you stay in your outdoor tent, you can experience the outdoors but keep pests off you and away from your home.

Keep a fire going to keep your camping gear clear of most pests

Smoke keeps pests away. Smoke is a natural pest repellent. Keeping a fire going by your campsite or RV can keep the pests away. It may or may not be a scent you enjoy having your clothes and camping gear smell like, but insects and pests don’t really enjoy it. With mosquitoes being an almost constant annoyance when camping in Minnesota, using this tip can be an effective and simple way to keep you pest free when camping this summer.

Proper food storage is another factor in keeping you and your camping gear pest free this summer

Proper food storage and clean up is another factor for pest prevention while camping. Usually you are eating outdoors when you are camping and if you don’t pack your food up properly overnight or while you are away from camp, it can attract more pests. This includes leaving open food out in your tent or RV as well. Most tents just have screens to prevent the elements from getting in and unless it’s raining we usually leave those screens uncovered. If you leave food out, smaller insects and pests can get in those screens and won’t hesitate to come into your tent and RV to eat food you left out.

Have the right clothing in your camping gear to avoid bringing pests back with you

Staying out of deep woods and tall grass is a good way to avoid pests this summer, however when we are camping sometimes this isn’t an option. You should be sure to pack the right kinds of clothing while camping to prevent pests while you are enjoying the wilderness. Long sleeves and long pants can help you avoid ticks getting to your skin and going where you don’t want them to go. Also you should check over yourself anytime you come back from going through the woods to be sure that there aren’t any unwanted pests on your clothing before they accidentally get packed in your camping gear.

Be sure to clean your tent before and after use

A dirty tent or dirty camping gear can attract pests as well, even after you have left the woods. Pests are attracted to old food residue, dead skin cells, oils and other thing such as bird droppings that may have landed on your tent or camping gear during your trip. Make sure you thoroughly clean off the inside and outside of your tent or RV after you get home from your trip to clear off any food particles or other residue that could be left on your camping gear. A short investment of time cleaning your camping gear could be a great investment for preventing pests from camping entering your home after you get back from your trip.

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