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Bed Bugs in Townhomes

Bed Bugs in Townhomes
Bed Bug1
Top view of the caught specimen from inspection.
Bed Bug2
Top view of the caught specimen from inspection.
Ants baseboard3
During the 118 degree range, bed bugs & ants were coming out of the floorboards and dying within inches of the wall. One spider managed to make it 13 inches before curling up dead.
Heat treatment 4
The entry door and closet area was the one of the last parts to reach lethal temperatures. The cool linoleum, the cold conductive door, and the vents required dual heaters to catch up to the rest of the house.
Heat treatment 5
Built in temp controls help ensure temperatures do not exceed safety limits.
Heat treatment 6
We spread out all of the small items and clutter and used high heat fans to make sure stray bed bugs could not find protection from the temperatures anywhere.
Heat treatment 7
Our distribution box allows us to supply the high levels of energy needed to run all of the heaters and fans off of our generator.
Heat treatment 9
Some levels of clutter provide additional challenges to air movement and equal heat distribution. We sealed off the window providing power cable access with reflective insulation.
Heat treatment 10
Sensors are placed in areas where airflow is restricted to make sure the right temperatures are reached even under clothes and under beds.
Heat treatment 11
Dresser drawers are emptied and left open so the whole unit can be heated sufficiently.