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A back to school bug you should look out for – Wasps

When moving into fall, and back to school season, there are a few bugs to be on the lookout for. Wasps are definitely one of them.

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Some wasp facts you may not know

Wasps are often confused with bees because they have similar coloring. They have been found to live in almost every region of the earth! The only places they’re not found are areas with extreme cold, such as the earth’s poles.

Wasps are most known for their stings that are painful and potentially dangerous. Most stings can cause large welts, and some people are allergic to their stings and they can be fatal.

Most wasps die when they sting someone from a reflexive slap. At the same time, they also release a warning pheromone which alerts other wasps in the area of danger. This can lead to being stung multiple times which can be very dangerous.

Why the transition of season and back to school matters for wasps

Wasps become more aggressive as the seasons transition to colder weather. As the season changes, wasps are going to require a storage of food and will need to complete the nests to make it though the colder months.

Most worker wasps will die out during the winter, but the queen wasps will survive and hibernate inside the nests. It is important for the wasps to complete the nest and hibernation chamber for the queen before winter arrives and they will become more aggressive in their search for food and resources to complete the nest.

It is important to get rid of nests before this can happen as well as getting rid of them to help eliminate wasp problems next season as well. Wasp nest removal can be dangerous without proper gear and tools, so we recommend reaching out to a pest control professional to avoid injury and proper removal.

If you are in the greater Minnesota area and would like help with wasp removal be sure to reach out to us at Rove Pest Control and set up a consultation to address your pest concerns.

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