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Are your gutters hiding more than just leaves?

As the colors start to change and things get a little more chilly here in the Midwest, fallen leaves aren’t the only thing started to collect in your gutters.

Wet leaves in your gutters can be the perfect cover and breeding ground for pests

One of these common pests are Earwigs. They actually get the name because a common myth is that the burrow into people’s ears and lay eggs. Thankfully this is just a myth and not true.

Earwigs are mostly nocturnal and they hide out in dark and damp areas in and outside of your home. Gutters are an attractive spot to hid out and breed for Earwigs. As temperatures drop as it approaches winter they are far more likely to try and get inside your home.

Getting rid of Earwigs with pesticides can be difficult on your own. They tend to hide in cracks and crevices around your home so if a few escape the treatment they can just repopulate. The best treatment for Earwigs is going to be removal of their habitat and hiding spots.

Clean your gutters and reduce your numbers of pests

Staying consistent with leave removal from your gutters can eliminate many habitat locations for pests like Earwigs. Most pests enter your home when their habitat is touching your home.

This could come from things like firewood stacked along the house, tall grass or plants touching your house, tree branches close enough for pests to jump on your home, etc. The slope of your yard could even be a factor in pests entering your home. Many pests like the Earwig like moist soil and if your yard is sloping towards your home rather than away it could attract pests into your home after it rains.

Full gutters can attract more pests than just Earwigs

In addition to being a habitat for Earwigs and other pests, gutters can be a feeding ground for pests like wasps. Wasps eat other insects as part of their diet and if there is an excellent source of food for them in your gutters you could be attracting them to your home as well among other pests.

As temperatures drop wasps become more aggressive and therefore dangerous, so you wouldn’t want to create another issue by providing them a perfect food source.

If cleaning up around your home and removing excess moisture still is not helping it’s best to reach out to a pest control service. The professionals at Rove Pest Control can treat the inside and outside of your home in order to create a barrier around the home and get rid of the pest issues you may have.

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