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Are you able to tell me what kind of bug bite this is?

A common question we get in the pest control industry is, “what kind of bug bit me”.

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Everyone reacts different to bug bites

Unfortunately this is a question we can’t really answer. Even though we are pest experts, people react differently to bug bites and for the most part it’s impossible to tell what bit you or if it even was a bug bite.

The most common one we get asked is, “what kind of spider bite is this?” In reality spiders don’t usually even bite people. They are predators and want to find something that they can enjoy as a meal – not something large enough to have them and all of their friends as a tiny snack. In addition to that there are very few spiders who’s fangs are even strong enough to pierce human skin or have venom strong enough to make any kind of impact to humans.

Other bug bites like bed bugs for example could have several different reactions depending on who was bitten. Some people will get huge welts, others tiny red bumps all over, and some people don’t even have a reaction at all to the bed bug bites.

The “bug bite” might not even be a bite

Another common thing that happens is that  what people think is a bug bite isn’t really a bug bite. There are many things that could cause things that people think is a bug bite.

You could have an ingrown hair, a skin infection, bed sores, an allergic reaction to something else, or even cancer. You can certainly have a pest control service come inspect your home if you suspect that you have a bug issue, but when it comes to possible bug bites, contact a medical professional.



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