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Are Some Bugs Indestructible?

If you thought spiders were spooky, well they are. Honestly, they are just as creepy in October around Halloween as they are any other month of the year. Now imagine a creepy-crawly that can’t be squished with a shoe or even a CAR for that matter. Can that be true? Are some bugs indestructible?

Captain Indestructible

Whether this sounds like a nightmare or the most interesting thing since Trivial Pursuit, meet the diabolical ironclad beetle.
ironclad beetle

Diabolical ironclad beetles, unlike other beetle species, are flightless land dwellers. But as “nature’s jawbreaker” of prey insects, they are impenetrable by predators. But why? What makes these insects so strong?

Genetically Engineered Strength

Their wings and outer shell are fused together like a zipper making them not only flexible but incredibly strong. They are able to withstand pressure 39,000 times its own body weight! That means that if I had equivalent strength, I could support half the weight of the pyramid of Khufu – but only half.

Inspirational Toughness

Layer after layer of fibrous material intertwined creates strength comparable to a military tank.  This is an outstanding feat by such a small insect. So outstanding that scientists have used these beetles as a model to inspire stronger man-made materials.

Despite its name, the diabolical ironclad beetle is not so diabolic after all. Not harmful to mankind, these beetles remain an inspiration to science and an anomaly in the world of insects.

How To Stop Unstoppable Pests

Are some bugs indestructible? While not all insects and arachnids are as tough as the diabolical ironclad beetle, some can seem just as bad when trying to get them out of your home. Whatever pests you are dealing with, there is an answer that doesn’t involve you fighting a stressful bug war. Reach out to the experts at Rove Pest Control to find out what solution best fits your needs.