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Are bed bugs dangerous?

Bed bugs are one of the most inconvenient pests you can get in your home, but beyond being creepy are bed bugs dangerous as well?

Are bed bugs dangerous beyond their bites?

Bed bugs do feed on human blood, but thankfully, at this point, they don’t transfer any sort of diseases to humans that we know of. They do cause a lot of mild physical problems though as well as stress on top of that.

Since bed bugs suck your blood, they can leave red itchy marks after they bite you. This happens for a couple of reasons. Bed bugs inject you with a mild anesthetic to numb the pain of them biting you and sucking your blood.

This is why you don’t wake up when bed bugs are feeding on you, making them hard to find and spot in your home. In addition to the anesthetic, they also inject an anticoagulant to keep the blood flowing into their bellies. These bites can cause itchiness and redness after the fact. When they inject the anesthetic it can cause a mild allergic reaction and causes your body to swell and itch around the bites.

Not everyone will experience these symptoms but bite marks can usually be found in clusters in common areas that come in contact with bed and pillow surfaces. Things such as the face, neck, arms, legs, and back are common areas to find bed bug bite symptoms.

Why spotting bed bugs is hard

In addition to not waking up when bed bugs are feeding and their bite symptoms not showing up for everyone, in many cases, it can take a long time for bed bug bite patterns to become visible.

With bite symptoms having a delay, it can take time for a bed bug issue to become apparent. On top of that, bed bugs can go several weeks to months, and in some extreme cases, even over a year without feeding.

This means you could have a bed bug issue and not realize it because their feeding can be infrequent. This can cause a lot of psychological stress as you might not know what is causing the bite marks or symptoms for several weeks.

Many people stress about the removal of bed bugs

For many, worrying about the bugs and bites as well as the stress of removing bed bugs can cause a whole new set of problems and concerns. This could come in the form of sleepless nights, anxiety of bed bugs all over your belongings, potential infection from scratching bites, and more.

Beyond just the mental and physical stresses of bed bugs their are other risks. For example, many pest control companies use intense chemical forms of treatments to remove bed bugs.

These kinds of treatments could be harmful to your belongings, family, pets, and may not even work. Bed bugs are increasingly becoming more and more resistant to chemical forms of pest control and they may leave many surviving bugs behind.

At Rove Pest Control, we use a state of the art heat treatment that bed bugs don’t have resistances to. This form of bed bug pest control is also more safe and effective than many current chemical treatment methods.

So instead of worrying about the treatments you select wondering if they will be harmful, damage your home, or not even work, you can rest at ease with a bed bug heat treatment from the team at Rove Pest Control.

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