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A Few Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling This Holiday Season

When traveling this holiday season, stay aware of bed bugs. Here are some pest control tips you can use to avoid bed bugs, and how to get rid of them.

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Check over your hotel rooms for bed bugs before you stay

Preventing bed bugs from getting into your home in the first place is always going to be the best option. Removing them is the hardest thing and will most likely require hiring a pest control service. The first thing you should do to prevent bed bugs is check over the beds and furniture.

Bed bugs like to hide out in cracks and crevices in and around furniture. Bed bugs feed off of blood and are mostly nocturnal, so they are usually in furniture or places with easy access to humans or pets. You usually won’t see them right away when you check into your hotel rooms because they tend to hide during the day.

Be sure to look for bed bugs and their droppings (like small pepper flecks) around creases in mattresses, between cushions and along seems on the various furniture in your hotel rooms, or wherever else you may stay at this holiday season.

Another tip to keep in mind is to do this before you unpack all of your luggage and clothing. Bed bugs are natural hitchhikers and they can be carried along for the next leg of your trip on you or your clothing.

Prevention methods for bed bugs if you suspect them in your holiday travels

If you do suspect that there are bed bugs where you are staying, or if you do actually find them, be sure to move to a new room or location immediately. Bed bugs are very hardy creatures and they can easily make the trip back home with you after the holidays.

Beyond leaving the scene of a bed bug infestation immediately, there are some other steps you can take once you are home. One thing bed bugs can’t survive through is excessive heat.

You can run your clothes through the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes or more to be sure to kill off any bed bugs that may have gotten on them during you stay.

Prevention is far easier and a more cost effective strategy to get rid of bed bugs this holiday season. A treatment for bed bugs can be costly and take some time depending on what methods your pest control service goes with.

At Rove Pest Control, we use a specialized heat treatment that is both safe and efficient rather than chemical treatments, which can ruin certain furniture types and other belongings in your home. If it’s too late and you already do have a bed bug issue in your home, be sure to reach out to the experts at Rove Pest Control to set up a bed bug removal service!


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