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A few tips on how to pest proof your home during the fall

Exclusion, or sealing the entry points around your home, is one of the best ways to pest proof your home. Fall is one of the best times of the year to do it.

A few tips on how to find hidden entry points around your home that you need to pest proof

As temperatures drop moving into fall and winter, there is a unique opportunity to find cracks and places you need to seal around your home. With temperatures dropping there are going to be various cold spots around your home. When you find said cold spots, it most likely means there are gaps in windows, cracks in siding, or some sort of access to the outside world.

As you find various areas that have cold spots around your home, you should look for ways to properly seal them.  Pests really don’t need a lot of room to get into your home. Even the tiniest spaces like gaps in window frames or cracks under doors can let in pests. When temperatures fall, it will cause pests to seek shelter in your home for the winter.

Not only will this help keep pests from getting into your home. It will also help keep heat in your home during the winter months. That can help keep costs down around your home as well.

Let there be light!…well maybe not if you want to pest proof your home

Another strategy you can use to detect places you need to seal around your home is with light. As a rule of thumb, if light can get in, there’s a good chance pests can as well. A way to check for entry points in an unfinished basement for example would be to cover all the windows and turn off the lights to see if there is any light getting in from outside.

If you see rays of light getting through you have a spot you should seal and cover to prevent pests from getting in. This can be very time consuming and if you don’t know where to look. You could try and seal every spot you find, but you may end up missing several spots even with these strategies.

Obviously sealing what you can will help to keep pests out, but hiring a professional pest control service can do a much better job of this than you could on your own. This can save you a lot of time and money instead of you trying to pest proof your home by yourself.

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