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A few easy tips for how to get rid of Grain Beetles

It’s the most humid time of the year in Minnesota, and around the US. Today we’ll talk about a common humidity loving pest, he foreign grain beetle, and how to get rid of them.

Interesting facts and information about foreign grain beetles

Foreign grain beetles have the very unique characteristic of only being able to survive in the most humid of conditions. They need to live in an environment that is at least above 70% humidity. Grain beetles also eat a diet consisting of fungus.

They get the name grain beetles because they are most often found feeding and living in grain storage units. They do however end up in moist and humid places in and around homes as well. These beetles don’t really do any structural damage around your home but they can get into food you have stored around your home.

The good news is that they really only eat things that are moldy or spoiled, so you probably wouldn’t want to eat what they have gotten into anyway.

Grain beetle prevention and how to get rid of grain beetles

The best way to get rid of these beetles inside your home is going to be getting rid of humidity. Removing excess water around you home with dehumidifiers is one step you can take to help prevent these in your home. This is also good protection against other bugs as well since most bugs can only survive in your home with an adequate access to water.

If you do have an infestation you need to throw away all food that these pests are in and thoroughly clean out your cabinets. Any food you buy after that must be tightly sealed and stored properly to prevent further contamination.

In many newer homes, moisture will get trapped between the walls and provide an ideal living condition for them. Because of this situation, they are often times referred to as the new home beetle.

Using insecticides should be your last resort for how to get rid of grain beetles. The best method to get rid of them after the above steps is a crack and crevice treatment. This can be very difficult to do on your own with any over the counter products so it is best to leave a job like this to the professionals.

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