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AAAHH, A Big Black Wasp!

Stinging Pest thumb

In the warmer seasons here in St. Paul, you may notice a large black wasp around your home with a long, thin “thread-waist” between their thorax and abdomen. They may look scary, but they generally will not harm you. They’re Mud Daubers, and they rarely sting humans. Mud Daubers are solitary insects, and get their name from the method with which they build their nests.

Crafty Home Builders

Mud Daubers collect balls of mud which they use to construct their nests. Though the shape of their nests can vary, they’re commonly made into small, cylinder “tubes” where the female lays her eggs. She then deposits a paralyzed spider or other insect to feed the larvae once they emerge from their eggs. Mud Daubers will commonly create multiple nests side by side (4 inches long and 2 inches wide), resembling a pipe organ. This is why they are sometimes called “organ pipe wasps”.

Long Winter’s Nap

Mud Daubers spend the winter in the stage between larvae and adult, the pupae stage. During this time, they are spun into a cocoon, and emerge in the spring as adults. They typically feed on plant nectar and honeydew, as well as spiders and other insects. Since they are not aggressive, and rarely sting humans, they tend to not be as much of a nuisance as other insects and wasps. However, their nests can be an eyesore, and many people can be annoyed by their presence when trying to enjoy the outdoors.

Rove’s Got You Covered

Rove Pest Control’s insect service is the best way to protect your home from Mud Daubers, and other species of hornets and wasps, as well as all those other uninvited bugs that want to make your home, their home. Here in St. Paul, we certainly experience the full extent of all four seasons. With each changing season comes varying pest activity. This is why Rove Pest Control provides seasonal services to keep on top of all those pests, and their life cycles. With Rove, you can rest easy, and pests don’t stand a chance. Contact your Rove specialist today!

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