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pest control career faq's

Contact us today to craft your career with Rove Pest Control.

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Your start date is determined by

  • notice that you need to give your current employer
  • your availability
  • when a trainer is available to coordinate the first day of training
  • when you are able to complete the new hire packet and pre-employment screening.

At Rove, we want to get you onto the team as soon as possible while ensuring everything is appropriately lined up for you to get the best start possible. Your successful path starts in the Planning and Preparation process.

  • Career growth opportunities
  • Paid Time off
  • Paid Holidays
  • 401k with company match
  • Medical and ADD Insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Employee Referral Program
  • An opportunity to earn commissions
  • Great work culture

In addition to the above benefits, some positions such as technician and commercial sales rep have a company vehicle provided. 

Payroll occurs twice monthly. Work done in the 1st half of the month is paid on the 25th. Work done the 2nd half of the month is paid on the 10th of the next month.

Rove team members report the best aspects of working here as:

  • the people you work with
  • the variety of experiences throughout the day and week
  • the amount of influence you can have over your personal work day and flow
  • improving people’s health and living conditions
  • impacting public health
  • the opportunities to grow with and within the team.
  • First 2 years – 10 days
  • 3rd year – 14 days
  • 4th-5th year – 15 days
  • 6th-10th year – 18 days
  • 11th-15th year – 21 days
  • 16+ years – 25 days

Yes, we do offer a safe harbor 401k with matching. We encourage everyone to participate in it. The best day to start preparing for a fun and comfortable retirement is today!

Yes, we do! Life insurance is automatic for all new team members at the next enrollment period.

Team members are accountable and responsible for managing their own PTO hours to allow for adequate reserves to cover vacation, illness or disability, appointments, emergencies, or other needs that require time away from work. Available PTO is not split into different pools separating earned sick and safe time, and vacation time. To provide maximum flexibility to varying needs, available PTO for sick and vacation time are combined into one single pool.

We believe in strong family values for our team members at Rove. There is no minimum time of employment before going on maternity leave.

A professional appearance is important anytime that you encounter customers or potential customers and when you interact with other team members. Employees should be well groomed and dressed appropriately for our business and for their position. Technicians are provided a uniform shirt and wear slacks and closed toed shoes. Sales reps will have a few different clothing options corresponding to the type of client they are meeting with. Customer service representatives dress business casual.

Positions at Rove have built in certification programs that are set up to guide you on your career advancement.

In addition to these programs, let your team leader know what other positions you would like to be considered for.

We will help mentor you and give you the tools and access you need to be successful and advance toward your goals.

In addition to having a semi-annual review with your team leader, participation in the certification program allows you to set your pace for controllable pay raises.

We offer three different plans that we can provide you with during the interview phase to determine which plan fits best for you.

The standard working day is 8am to 5pm. Some positions allow for flexibility in start and end times to accommodate strategy and personal needs.

As a technician, you will have a list of properties to visit. Some will be anytime during that day and others will have time windows. Each property will have a list of pests to treat for to provide ideal protection. This will consist of a combination of finding out details from the client, looking for environmental indicators, applying products and blocking access for pests, and leaving notes and instructions for the customer.

As a customer success specialist, you will interact with customers via phone, email, and text to help answer questions, coordinate treatment days and times, and take care of billing.

Inbound sales positions respond to incoming calls, emails, and leads from various lead generation platforms to provide pricing, treatment plans, and set up the first service.

Field sales positions will meet with current clients to obtain referrals and expand service offerings, attend networking meetings, and interact on social media platforms to expand your pipeline and keep potential customers progressing toward client status through educational content.

This varies from person to person, but for technician positions, the top 3 stressors for technicians are:

  1. balancing needy customers that interfere with day flow
  2. interruptions in day logistics such as traffic between stops or weather
  3. customers who want immediate answers to questions that will take time to figure out.

For customer service, it is:

  1. customers who want service faster than we can logistically provide it
  2. customers who are upset
  3. customers that are requesting to cancel their service plan

For sales, it is:

  1. keeping the pipeline full
  2. getting feet draggers to get started
  3. developing customized proposals

Whether you find one of these or something else stressful, let your trainer and team leader know and you will get assistance and training on how to be best prepared for the situation and how to complete your duties in a manner that is fulfilling to you.

As we better prepare and investigate causes of stress, we can turn stressful situations from being hindering into enhancing situations for you and your team.

The typical interview process is:

  • phone screen
  • 1st interview
  • reference checks
  • 2nd interview
  • offer
  • new hire packet
  • then the fun begins!

Fast paced with a family feel. We curiously learn together and prepare for the ever-changing landscape that is the world of public health and pests.

If you are hired as a sales rep, most definitely.

If you are exploring a technician position, you will be well compensated for any sales made but not required to pursue them.

As a customer service specialist, you will have plenty of opportunities if you would like to take advantage of them but not required.

Training begins with 13 modules that cover the key elements you need to know to complete your job well and continually improve. You will also work along with experienced teammates to learn the application of the training. Training continues by repeating the modules weekly to keep everything fresh. If you need additional training or help along the way, please let a team leader know. The more we learn the more we can help those we serve!

A great indicator of your opportunities for improvement will be in the progress along the certification program. Additionally, each weekly training will help highlight areas where you can grow and progress. You will also have regular performance reviews where you can get additional personalized performance information for your recent contributions. If at any time you are in doubt, just let your team leader know you would like an update. We love to help people progress and feel confident in their position.

We expect that new team members will be ready to jump in to learning the speifics of their role. We also expect that some elements of the position will come easier to you than others. Let your trainer and team leader know which elements you need additional time or help with.

We would like everyone to be able to complete training in 2 weeks, but we would rather you be fully prepared than rushed. We are a results-oriented team and enjoy celebrating each other’s contributions along the way.

The typical time for reaching basic completion of training is 2 weeks. The fun part about the world of pests is it is constantly evolving so we train continuously throughout our careers. This helps keep things up to date and offers continuous opportunities to develop further expertise.

The top challenge is perspective taking. At times you will need to see things from the eyes of a customer. At other times you will need to see things from the perspective of a pest.

The 2nd top challenge is consistently supporting your team. For some this is easier than others. Remember that by showing up every day ready to give 100%, you are providing a great service to the community and making your teammates load today and tomorrow easier.

The 3rd challenge is continual progress in learning and skill development. In the world of pest control and customer service, there is always more to learn and practice to improve. By focusing on our 4 guiding values of:

  • Education
  • Preparation
  • Investigation
  • Completion

you will be on the right track for success.

We are always looking for team members that will elevate the experience for our clients and other team members. If we have a job posted, we are ready for you now. We never want to rush the hiring experience so if you have some time hurdles that you need to plan around for your start date, let us know.