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Your preparation for winter can either attract more pests or eliminate them

There are things that people often do as winter comes to prepare their home and protect their garden that could be attracting pests.

How you cover plants to protect from frost can attract pests

One thing people commonly do as winter approaches is put buckets over their plants to protect them from frost. This may protect your plants, but it can also create the perfect home for rodents. When you do this it creates a shelter from some of the cold and also creates a protected and convenient food source for pests as well.

A better version of this would be to cover the plants with a cloth and then plastic over that cloth and then tie off the bottom around the plants so pests can’t get in underneath. One thing to be careful of is to not fully seal the plants under the plastic, just the cloth, because it could end up killing the plant.

What does mowing your lawn have to do with winter pest control?

During the summer months having a freshly cut lawn can reduce numbers of pests that can hide out in your tall grass. As winter approaches you want to make sure to keep your grass short (shorter than normal and as short as possible without damaging it) before snow starts to build up for other reasons.

When you have long grass before it snows it creates a larger gap between the ground and the layer of snow. This creates a space that stays insulated from some of the cold and can actually be a great place for rodents to hide out and survive over the winter.

The last thing you want to be doing for winter pest control is building shelter in your yard or garden. Take the prevention steps that you can, to properly prepare your home for the coming season. Exclusion and properly sealing your home in addition to properly protecting your garden and lawn maintenance are the steps you should take in addition to having a pest control service to keep your home pest free.

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