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What are common spring pests you should be prepared for?

Spring is a time of year when pests really start to become more active, and you’ll start seeing them in and around your home, but what are some of the common spring pests you’ll see this year?

Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs are one of the most common bugs and pests you’ll start to see as temperatures warm up this spring. These bugs like to hang out on the sunny side of buildings and as sunshine is steadily increasing as summer approaches they are more and more likely to be on your home.

They also tend to get inside your home as the sun goes down and will crawl under siding, or other cracks and crevices around you home. This leads them to getting inside in large numbers if you home isn’t protected.

Be careful if you try and crush and squish them because they tend to leave stains on carpets and curtains, etc. when they are smashed. If you are looking to prevent them from coming inside, you can have a pest control service treat the outside of you home as well as making sure cracks and crevices are sealed, fixing window screens, and ensuring windows are kept closed.

Keeping windows closed is easier said than done with the temperatures getting more and more pleasant during spring, so setting up a proactive treatment of a pest control product to create a barrier might be a better option for most people this spring.

Japanese Beetles

If you are looking for a great lawn and garden this spring and summer Japanese Beetles are one of your worst enemies. All stages of these pesky pests will do damage to your landscaping beauty.

These pests have a wide appetite and have been know to feed on several hundred different species of plant life. A single Japanese Beetle won’t do that much damage, but they tend to work together in groups.

Japanese Beetles emit pheromones to attract other beetles and even their partially finished meals of half eaten plants also attract more of their kind. A small Japanese Beetle problem can quickly turn into a large issue if you don’t step in.

Since both the larva and adult forms of Japanese Beetles cause damage it’s important to have treatments for every stage, whether that’s soil treatments or direct treatments on adult beetles.

Mosquito prevention should start in spring

A lot of people think that summer time is when you should be treating for mosquitoes because that’s when they are most active, but if you really want them to be less of an issue, we really recommend starting treatment earlier in the season like spring time.

The reason for this is that the longer you leave mosquitoes unchecked the more numbers they are able to build up. When you strike early and eliminate breeding grounds to reduce their numbers, it can help you have more effective mosquito control throughout the summer.

Some action steps you can do in addition to having a pest control service treat your yard is to eliminate standing water. Mosquitoes breed and lay eggs in stagnant water so things like kiddy pools, pet water dishes, or other places with standing water can contribute to a larger population.

Another place to be aware of that can cause mosquito issues is if you have a pool. Make sure you properly treat and use the correct chemicals in your pool to make sure it isn’t a mosquito friendly environment. In addition to the water within the pool itself, be aware of splash zones or places where water from pool toys can accumulate.

Watch out for Ticks as well this spring

Another common spring pest that tends to become more active are ticks. Spring is actually one of the times of year that ticks become most aggressive.

Contrary to popular belief many ticks don’t die off during the winter months. Many hide out under debris and in plants to escape the extreme cold, and as temperatures rise, they will become extra aggressive to find a fresh meal.

Ticks aren’t able to move onto their next stage of development without feeding so the longer they go without a meal, the more desperate they become.

Some tips you can do is focus on keeping your yard upkeep as a priority and trim bushes, grass, and clean up things like leave piles where ticks tend to hang out. You can also have your yard treated for ticks and other pests from a pest control service.

Mice and rodents are on the move as well

Spring time is when pests of all shapes and sizes really like to come out of their hiding spots from the winter and they have a higher likelihood of trying to get into your home as well.

Most pests that survived the winter have been hiding out, but now that temperatures have risen, they are starting to look for upgraded living space as well as new food sources, and unfortunately your house is a primary target.

Your focus should be centered on exclusion, sealing cracks, crevices, and entry points around your home. Mice and rodents have an easy time getting through the smallest entry points and many can sneak in with an opening as little as a 1/4th of an inch.

Once mice and rodents are in your home it can be hard to get them out without the help of a professional pest control service. You’ll need effective traps and bait keeping in mind that some work better than others, which is why going with a professional pest control service can give you more options until the job is done.

The ants come marching one by one

Ants are another common spring pest that you’ll start seeing more of. Your biggest defense against these critters is going to be keeping your home clean.

Having open trash containers around your home or even just having a trash can without a lid can be an easy access buffet for ants. They also will tend to find dirty counters with crumbs and spills rather quickly as well.

Ants also leave a trail of pheromones to alert their fellow ants from the colony and once one finds food you’ll find a lot more quickly on their way. If you ever see a single ant on its own exploring it’s best to kill it as soon as possible if there is a chance of it finding a food source around.

Ants will send out scout ants to seek out new food sources for the colony, and if you can prevent them from reaching their buddies back home, it can help reduce your future encounters with ants.

Of course you can also save yourself a lot of hassle and time by hiring a pest control service to simply treat your home as well. They can create a barrier of product to keep most insect pests out, and the ones that do get in won’t last long to have any drastic pest issues take hold.

Spring time might not seem like the best time to hire a pest control service because pest activity is just starting to rise, but when you can set up something early it will cost you far less then waiting till midsummer when you have a larger pest issue on your hands.

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