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Twin Cities Rodent Concerns

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time in and around the Twin Cities, you may have noticed one of it’s more unflattering problems—mice and rats. While rodent infestations are common in big cities, Twin Cities home, business and restaurant owners are seeing more than their fair share as they exhaust their traditional rodent control methods.

Rodent Pest Control Tips
The simplest way to control a rodent infestation is to prevent one. Whether you live in the city or have a business there, rodent prevention is a year-round effort that you should regularly practice.
• Seal entry points: Inspect interior and exterior walls and seal any cracks that you find, even if they look small. Similarly, repair or replace broken window and door screens.
• Landscape: While you may not have more than a patch of grass as a yard, keep the lawn short and weeded. If there are trees around your home or business, cut back tree branches that overhang the roof or balconies. Keep in mind that if you don’t own the building or trees, you may need to ask the property owner or the city to complete these tasks.
• Eliminate food sources: Garbage and crumbs attract pests. Avoid leaving food and garbage in and around your building. Always replace the lid on your outside garbage, recycle and compost bins. If possible, keep the receptacles in an area away from the property. In addition, store food in glass, metal or hard plastic containers with lids.
• Home and building maintenance: Keep your home or business clean and clutter-free. Vacuum regularly and wash the dishes shortly after every meal. Avoid leaving piles of paper around the property. Store seasonal items (e.g., clothing) in plastic storage bins with lids, not cardboard boxes. Rodent have an amazing ability to chew through most anything. So be sure to consider the containers you use to store items and make sure they will keep rodents out.

Hopefully we still have a few more weeks before the first snow flies, but we are already seeing temperatures drop, especially at night. Cold weather translates to everyone looking for a warmer place to kick their feet up, INCLUDING rodents. In addition to carrying diseases, mice and rats can ruin a business’ reputation and a customer’s comfort. If you know or suspect that you have a rodent problem, contact Rove. We will keep your great reputation intact!