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Top 3 reasons spiders migrate in during the fall

We all know many birds fly south for the winter to escape the cold, but did you know spiders migrate as well? In this post you’ll learn the top 3 reasons spiders migrate in during the fall and how to prevent spider issues in your home.

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Why do Spiders migrate in the fall? #1 to follow the food

Pests need three major factors to survive, food, shelter, and water. Since spiders are predators, they will go to where the food goes.

Unfortunately, many pests decide to make your home their home as temperatures drop in the fall. As temperatures drop, many pests cannot survive outdoors or cannot survive as comfortably as they can inside.

They either can’t survive the extreme temperatures, or their common food sources die off. This means that pests are in dire search for a more hospitable environment, and in most cases, it ends up being your home.

As pests come into your home’s interior through cracks and crevices around the exterior of your home, spiders migrate and follow them in. So if you are seeing a lot of spiders this fall, you probably have plenty of other pests hiding around your home to keep them well fed.

#2 Spiders migrate to seek shelter and warmth

Energy savings isn’t the only reason you should seal cracks and crevices around you home. As heat escapes, it can be like a beacon for spiders letting them know there is a warm place to stay as temperatures drop this fall.

Spiders and other pests can sneak into your home with the tiniest of openings. Most insect type pests can get in with a gap as small as 1/8th of an inch, and for larger rodent pests it can be as small as a 1/4th of an inch gap.

So if spiders are sensing heat escaping through cracks and openings around your home, they will start looking for ways to get in. Spiders aren’t alone in this. Other pests will attempt to get in as well.

It can be nearly impossible to seal each and every entry point near your home, so while exclusion is important, it can’t fully keep pests out. You’ll want to seal major cracks and entry points like broken screens, open windows, and gaps under doors.

#3 pests are left unchecked and allowed to migrate

Almost all major pest issues come from pests being left unchecked. The same goes for spiders and it is a primary reason why spiders migrate during the fall.

When you neglect to treat for pests or take prevention steps throughout the summer, all kinds of pests will attempt to enter your home during the fall. It’s important to take action sooner rather than later because the longer you wait to treat for pests, the larger their numbers grow.

The more pests on the loose, the more likely it is they will try and enter your home during the fall. So if a lot of other pests are moving into your home this fall, so will spiders.

One thing we recommend is having a pest control service, like us at Rove Pest Control, set up a barrier treatment around your home. This can help kill off pests that try and enter your home as the seasons change.

If the majority of pests are dying off this way as they attempt to enter your home, it can eliminate nesting issues. Unless the pests are already in your home, and you prevent future ones from getting in and nesting, you shouldn’t have to worry about major interior issues.

This includes spiders migrating into your home during the fall. So focus on getting rid of other pests first, and that can reduce the number of spider issues within your home.

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