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How to Stop Pests From Chewing Holes in Your Screens

If you are up to date on pest exclusion, you know that screened windows play a significant roll in keeping pests out. Unfortunately, some pests like to chew through these screens. More importantly, it is not just rodents that are the culprits. This covers how to stop pests from chewing holes in your screens.

Who did it?

Knowing which pest is doing the damage will help determine how to stop pests from chewing holes in your screens. In some instances, you may catch them in the act. In others, it is simply being aware of the prominent pest that is capable of chewing holes in your screens.
How to Stop Pests From Chewing Holes in Your Screens
Potential pests chewing holes in your screens include:

It is always possible that more than one culprit is to blame, but in most instances, it is just one. Solutions on the other hand may require more than one approach. We’ll explore each of the options individually, but the fine points include:

  • Upgrade screens
  • Apply repellant
  • Reduce pest populations


Screen Options

Depending on how much damage has been done, the screens may need to be replaced anyway. Many homes come with basic screens that include a plastic that is not very tough to get through. Upgrading vulnerable screens to a heavy-duty mesh, pest resistant mesh, or metal will keep pets from turning them into chew toys.

Insect repellent

In some cases, it might be cheapest to try a repellant option. There are many options available for repellent including paint on, spray on, electronic devices, and granules. Repellants won’t work in all situations, but if the repellant is stronger than the lure to that pest, you have a solid solution. That being said, if it’s not a passing population, reapplication may become burdensome. The duration of the repellant will depend on the type as well as exposure to weathering elements.

Reduce pest populations

In some cases, the best defense for screens is to reduce the pest pressure. When insect populations are high, pests will be more destructive as they hunt for things to eat and places to shelter. Putting pest control efforts into place will help reduce the population to a point that pulls the pressure off of the screens.

It is important to note that just because you aren’t seeing the pest frequently (or even at all) doesn’t mean the population isn’t high. Secretive and nocturnal behaviors can allow populations to grow unnoticed for long periods of time until the damage caused is the first sign.

Help from the experts

Not sure what is chewing on your screens? Uncertain about how to go about reducing pest populations? Don’t worry; the experts at Rove Pest Control have seen it all. Give us a call or visit us online and schedule a free inspection to find out how to get things back on track.