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Not your grandparent’s pest control #1

Modern pest control does not resemble anything that our grandparents would recognize. The contemporary pest control technician is trained in the latest techniques for the judicious use of the most environmentally friendly products available. Today’s technician has access to third generation products that target specific pests with some being even more specifically targeted to the level of individual species.

Many of these materials are derived from a variety of biological sources including bacteria, fungi, and protozoa as well as chemical analogues of naturally occurring biochemical sources such as pheromones and insect growth regulators. These materials closely resemble, or are identical to, products produced by insects and plants. These products do not control insects in the same manner as a broad spectrum product.

Insect growth regulators for example work in two basic ways: as a juvenilia hormone to prevent insects from maturing and force them to remain in juvenile life stages, or as a chitin inhibitor. Chitin inhibition stops certain insects from being able to develop an exoskeleton correctly which is necessary for their longevity.

Your Rove Pest Control technician is trained to use the most effective products available to protect you, your family, and the environment by applying the safest materials and control techniques  available.