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Get Rid of Pests Using this One Weird Trick


You have probably read them all: peppermint oil, sound devices, vibration devices, crazy light show devices, moth balls, dryer sheets, the list goes on and on. While all of these are intriguing, they are based off of coincidences or limited effectiveness, but this does not stop us from wanting that one secret that unlocks the universe and solves all of our problems. The good news is that when it comes to pests, the answer is here: GLUE!

It may not be the most glamorous answer, but it is simple and easy to implement. Pests are inherently controlled by their biology and in turn many elements in their environment. A solution for an ant is hardly going to be the solution for a mouse or spider. There are many solutions that bleed over from one species to another, but they are not universal unless we get into extreme things such as burning a home down to the ground. One thing that is consistent across pests is their susceptibility to glue.

Glue boards are cheap and easy to use. They fit in small places out of sight and are easy to check without spending any time at all. Placing a few glue boards around the home in key places such as garage openings, inside of a furnace/utility room, under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, etc. will allow you to quickly identify pest issues at their origination rather than awaiting the dreaded high level infestation where reversal is difficult.

Once you spy something on the glue board, you can start the process of solving the environmental issues surrounding the pest. First identify the bug. You don’t need to be a bug expert as most of them will be easy to identify pests. You can always hop on Google images and type in various descriptions until you see the culprit. You can also utilize online bug guides or bug identification apps such as What’s that bug?

Once you have it identified, take a minute or two and learn about its biology. Is it thriving on moisture? Run a dehumidifier. Does it like high temperatures? Turn down the heat a few degrees. Does it live in rotting debris? Get your neighbor to rake their leaves. The questions and answers could go on and on, but knowing is the key to solving.

You may look at this process and say I can do the glue boards, but I don’t want to read about bugs – no problem. The good news for you is you can go as far in this process as you like and get a professional to do the rest. Realistically if you want someone else to place and monitor the glue boards, professionals can do that too. Whatever is best for you, one thing rings true, get the glue and bugs avoid you.