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Flying spiders?

If spiders weren’t scary enough to people already, there are actually some that can “fly”.

Flying Spiders

Do you ever wonder why you run into random spider web strands, but don’t see a web?

Not every spider can “fly”, it’s usually only the little ones or even sometimes only baby spiders that can do it. It’s called “ballooning”. Spiders that perform it can travel a few meters or for some even long distances. They can use this strategy to travel, or to sneak up on prey.

Spiders will climb up on high plants or objects and shoot strands of their webs out. These strands will catch air currents, and lift the spiders into the air. Unfortunately for the spiders, they don’t have much control over this mode of transportation.

“Ballooning” can be very dangerous and many spiders die in the process. Depending on wind speeds and weather conditions some spiders can reach extreme altitudes in the upper atmosphere. They’ve actually been recorded as high as 16,000 feet above sea level. This can explain how spiders can reach high mountain peaks or travel to previously uninhabited islands.

Spiders can “fly’ and “walk on water”?

Spiders have water resistant legs and many can stand on the surface of the water in both fresh water or salt water. This ability combined with ballooning has helped spiders to populate all over the world.

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