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Are you ordering presents online this year? Watch out for pests

With the holidays and Black Friday quickly approaching, you may have already started shopping for presents this year. Unfortunately, you may be bringing in some unwanted pests along with your holiday gifts.

Most pests are great hitchhikers

Most people don’t really think about bringing in pests themselves and that they could be preventing a lot of pest issues by checking over pest hot spots before pests become an issue. One of the big ones to think about, that most people don’t, is pests can sometimes find their way into your home through boxes containing online orders or even just the boxes from the store shelves.

Not all warehouses are created equal and there’s no telling what kind of pest prevention they have set up this holiday season. You might do everything possible to protect your home from pests, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is.

A variety of different kinds of pests can make it into your home through various holiday related things. For example, in one instance, a mouse got into one of our clients homes through a storage box from a local donation shelter. They had picked up the container to fill with donations and in doing so ended up bringing a mouse into their house that had been hiding out in the container.

Similar to mice hiding in donation containers, the same sort of thing can happen with ordering larger items online. Mice could be looking for shelter in shipping warehouses this winter and can get into boxes that may be shipped to your home along with your ordered items.

Pests like roaches and other bugs can get in your home through cardboard boxes used in shipping

Another area people usually don’t think about of where pests can get into your home is through hiding in the cardboard boxes themselves. Sometimes pests such as roaches can lay their eggs in-between the corrugation in the cardboard.

While this sort of thing isn’t really the norm, it can definitely still be a way that pests can get into your home during the winter months. A simple way to make sure things like this don’t happen is to check over boxes and containers you bring into your home to ensure that the things you order online don’t have pests hiding out in them.

As for the times when there may potentially be pest eggs or small pests hiding in the corrugation of the cardboard, it’s best to remove these boxes immediately and put them in the trash or at least move them outdoors.

Why winter pest control treatments are still important

Most people don’t think that they need to have pest control treatments during the winter because pest activity is usually lower. However as you can now see, there are many opportunities for pests to get into your home even when it’s cold and snowy out.

Also, many pests that may already be in your home are usually less active during the winter, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Pest tend to remain in hiding during the winter months and are either focused on breeding and building up their numbers or they have gone into hibernation.

This is the perfect time of year to get rid of them and reduce their numbers before they become an issue down the road. Leaving pests unchecked over the winter is one of the major causes for pest problems during the spring.

It’s much easier to get rid of pests during the winter while their numbers are small, rather than waiting until they are more active and in larger numbers come spring time.

If you would like to set up winter treatments in your home, be sure to reach out to us at Rove Pest Control to help you with your winter pest control needs.

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