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The Place Where Pests Run Wild – Pest Control in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa may be the art and culture center of Oklahoma, but it is the lush vegetation, sweeping prairies, and the proximity to state parks that makes it such a prime destination for critters of all kinds. The open grasslands hide mice and ants, and the rolling hills are a haven for spiders and beetles – but when they want a break from life in nature, all they need to do is head into town and crawl into your home.

Your Door is Wide Open

Even if you don’t leave your door open all day, there is a good chance that the openings in your home you have overlooked will invite creatures in. You may have rotting wood in the attic, unsealed holes leading to the pantry, or even stacks of mildewing books for termites to devour – and all of these act as a welcome sign to pests of all kinds.

Even if you have taken all of the precautions you thought necessary to keep your house intruder-free you still have an infestation today. And if you have mice stealing your food, ants rampant in your pantry, or spiders nesting in your basement, you need to act quickly to get rid of them for good.

Call in the Artillery

While you should act now to eliminate this scourge, you shouldn’t try to do so alone – this may only prolong the problem, or even lead to catastrophe.

Instead, enlist in the help of experienced and trusted Tulsa exterminators to help take back your precious home. All of our Tulsa and Oklahoma City pest controlexperts have the knowledge and skills necessary to drive away this plague so that you can rest easily.

And they won’t stop there – after eradicating the infestation that exists in your home, our Tulsa exterminators will take further steps to ensure these pests never return.

There is no reason to have unwelcome guests running around your house. Call us today, and let’s shut the door for good.

Find Out What Our Clients Are Saying

"Hey Travis I sent you pictures of the glue trap your tech Larry set in the inside corner of the garage right where the garage door opens and closes with a small garden snake trapped in it. I may need a few more of these glue traps! Thanks for offering to drop some more traps over to me the very next day after I found the snake stuck in one, what great personal service. Here is the funny part, I picked up this loaded snake ridden trap with a broom stick and ran it to the other side of my subdivision and threw it in the dumpster. Hopefully no one caught my pathetic "jog" to the other side of the subdivision with the trap on the end of a broom stick, not one of my “Manley “ proud moments in life. Your glue traps (meant for trapping some spiders and beetles) in my garage actually caught a small garden snake! That was fantastic! Your pest control service is worth every penny." Jason Valentino Garden Snake Treatment

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