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Are you able to tell me what kind of bug bite this is?

August 25th, 2016 by Mike MacDonald in Pest Control Services

A common question we get in the pest control industry is, “what kind of bug bit me”. Everyone reacts different to bug bites Unfortunately this is a question we can’t really answer. Even though we are pest experts, people react differently to bug bites and for the most part it’s impossible to tell what bit […]

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A few easy tips for how to get rid of Grain Beetles

August 9th, 2016 by Mike MacDonald in Pest Control Services

It’s the most humid time of the year in Minnesota, and around the US. Today we’ll talk about a common humidity loving pest, he foreign grain beetle, and how to get rid of them. Interesting facts and information about foreign grain beetles Foreign grain beetles have the very unique characteristic of only being able to […]

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Flying Spiders

Flying spiders?

July 26th, 2016 by Mike MacDonald in Spiders

If spiders weren’t scary enough to people already, there are actually some that can “fly”. Do you ever wonder why you run into random spider web strands, but don’t see a web? Not every spider can “fly”, it’s usually only the little ones or even sometimes only baby spiders that can do it. It’s called […]

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Amazing ant facts you might not know

July 22nd, 2016 by Mike MacDonald in Ants

Ants have some amazing characteristics and can do some great things, here are a few ant facts you may not know about! Ant Facts – A few Fire ant facts Fire ants are often viewed as pests since their bites can be very painful. They are dangerous, and can cause massive amounts of damage. It […]

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The Future of Pest Control?

July 8th, 2016 by Mike MacDonald in Pest Control Services

.A few recent developments in the pest control world may bring about some new ways to treat pests. The “spidey” gene Scientists at the university of Hawaii have recently discovered a new gene. It’s called the “spidey” gene, and could have potential benefits for pest control. Most bugs have a waxy coating that they produce […]

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Tick prevention and tick removal tips

July 6th, 2016 by Mike MacDonald in Ticks

Tick prevention is something you should know this time of year as ticks are most active during the summer. How to prevent ticks – Tick prevention tips A great way how to prevent ticks when you are in the wilderness, is to start by staying out of deeply wooded areas and tall grass. These are […]

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