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what do gutters have to do with pest control, pest control, pest control tips, gutters, gutters and pest control, moles, voles, mosquitoes, wasps

What do gutters have to do with pest control?

August 4th, 2017 by Mike MacDonald in Mosquito, Pest Control Services, Rodent, voles, wasps

Cleaning your gutters is a chore, but what do gutters have to do with pest control, and can keeping them clean prevent some pest issues? Gutters are a great place for harborage (shelter for pests) Depending on the time of year, gutters can become a great harborage point for a variety of different pests. During […]

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What's killing my lawn, lawn pests, lawn pest control, moles, voles, worms, grubs

What’s killing my lawn?

July 28th, 2017 by Mike MacDonald in Ants, Pest Control Services, Rodent, voles

This time of year, in the middle of summer, many people’s lawns start to go brown and die, in this post, we answer the common question of “what’s killing my lawn, and is it pest related?” Is it over-hydration or under-hydration? Proper hydration can be the difference of your lawn dying or staying a lush […]

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Where do all the moles go?

November 28th, 2016 by Mike MacDonald in Pest Control Services

A common question we get as the end of fall comes and snow starts coming down, is where do all the moles go? Do moles migrate south for the winter? Moles don’t travel south to a warmer climate during the winter and colder months. Most moles don’t even disappear, they are just simply further down […]

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