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St. Paul Wildlife

On a warm, muggy evening in St. Paul Minnesota, the Andersen’s returned home from a family movie with the kids. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Billy, while sitting in the back of the minivan, screamed because Kate thought it fun to pester him…nothing new for the Andersen’s. Fifteen minutes of screaming and crying went on, making the 15 minutes seem like double.

Finally, the familiar sight of the Andersen’s home came as a welcome relief to everyone along for the ride. Chuck, the patriarch of the Andersen clan, always played a game while driving up to the home. He would constantly push the limits of the garage door opener to test how far away the opener would work to open the garage door…a simple game to distract his mind from the chaos in the minivan. Chuck was pleased that when he triggered the opener two homes away, the inside garage door light came on and the front door began to rise.


Just as the Andersen’s turned into the drive and the headlights of the minivan hit the garage the horror of the moment struck. What happened! Where did the mess come from! It looked like a tornado had ravaged the inside of the garage! Chuck stopped the minivan short to inspect the mess. As he stepped across the threshold of the garage door he saw movement in the back corner near the man door. He inched closer, hair raised on the back of his neck, inspecting the movement. He froze. The realization of the issue was clear. Standing stone still, 20 feet away, stood one of the nastiest, unpleasant critters known to the area with it’s beady eyes fixed on him. Slowly, Chuck backed away, his mind fixed on how he would approach removing the unwelcome possum from the premises.

Only in St. Paul

While this story may seem far-fetched to many, it is a reoccurring nightmare to residents of St. Paul, Minnesota. There may be differences in the situation regarding whether it’s a possum, squirrel, snake, raccoon, or skunk. It may be under the deck or in the attic…or heaven forbid a window gets left open and they make it into the living area of your home! Whatever your situation, rest assured that while new and horrifying to you, it is not unique. In fact, chances are, if you talk to your neighbors, you will find that like you, everyone has been a victim of a St. Paul Minnesota wildlife clash!


While your situation may be a nightmare, or at least a large nuisance, remember, help is only a phone call away. Rove Pest Control employs several Rove Wildlife Specialists to be available for such an occasion. Our specialists will identify the problem, strategize and execute the removal of the varmint, and then consult with you regarding future management and exclusion work so that the nightmare doesn’t become recurring. Call Rove Pest Control today!


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