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What you thought was the perfect day for a round of golf at Oak Marsh turned into a real stinker when a white-striped skunk crossed your path on the green of the 8th hole. Unfortunately these malodorous pests aren’t just fans of the fairway, they often make their way into residential neighborhoods as well.

Critter Conundrum

Skunks, bats, raccoons, gophers, snakes and a laundry list of other wildlife pests are on the prowl in Oakdale this time of year looking for a place to take up residence. Your yard, garage, and even home might be the perfect spot for these critters to get the shelter they need for a cozy home. A myriad of motivators may inspire wildlife to seek shelter where you reside, but some of the key triggers are strong storms, significant changes in weather, or simply nesting time.

Oakdale Wildlife

When wildlife critters look to establish a home on your property there are signs of their presence ranging from a faint hint to a clear and obvious invasion. Sounds, odors, droppings, burrows, runs, hair, feathers or shed skin are just some of the signs of wildlife presence. With the significant amount of damage that a small animal can do in a short time, it is important to investigate even the slightest signs.

Call Rove

Rove’s wildlife division is expert in evaluating and determining the best solution for wildlife removal. Once you have evicted the unwanted wildlife, or even if you simply want to be pro-active, Rove’s Wildlife Experts can provide you with a home and yard assessment to point out areas of highest risk and concern. With over 20 years of experience, there isn’t a pest issue that Rove hasn’t witnessed and serviced. Call today for a free inspection.


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