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Not A Walk In The Park

As you return home from letting your children burn off some of that excess steam at Oakdale Park, you hear that your neighbor has found termites in their home and that means your property is at risk as well. Knowing that termites cause over $5 billion in property damage each year, it is easy to get worked up and start to feel the symptoms of an anxiety attack. Question start to race through your mind of the possible scenarios which may or may not include a giant circus tent being draped over your home for days while they try to eliminate the termites.

Not Like In The Movies

As is true with most things, movie makers tend to over-dramatize things for the effects needed for good marketability. While tenting a home is a legitimate treatment for certain types of termites in specific situations, it is not the end-all, be-all of termite treatments. There are many treatment options which are much less invasive. In some situations, all that is needed is a series of bait stations drilled into the ground around the home to stop the population from moving all the way in. Even in some situations where the termites have been established in the home, baits can solve the issue. In other situations, it may be a simple fix where a spot treatment and some environmental adjustments will solve the issue at hand. While you may end up needing a trench treatment done around the home, even that is a one or two day process that is relatively painless.

Can I Afford Treatment?

Spending money on pests is never a fun thing, but it is much less painful than paying replacement costs for damages caused. In any case, the inspection is the lowest cost and an insignificant drop compared to property damage costs that could accumulate. If there is concern, it is best to consult with a professional to get a definitive answer and find out the treatment options.

The Rove Solution

Rove Pest Control keeps a staff of fully trained Termite Specialists on hand to help you with your termite woes. A specialist can give you a free estimate based off of basic information from a phone conversation and can set you up with an inspection if needed from there. The years of experience under the belts of Rove Termite Specialists will assure you that the best solution has been put in place to solve your current termite issue and prevent the issue from returning.

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