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What’s This Mud

As you make your way around the house checking for those kid toys that were left out before you got a chance to properly prepare for the long hard Minneapolis winter ahead, you notice a little muddy finger reaching up from the ground and extending to the base of the siding at the base of your home. Before you head to the garage to get a broom or scraper to remove the unsightly decoration, beware it may be a sign of termites and will warrant further inspection from a professional.

It’s Too Cold for Termites; Right?

While termites do not thrive and spread up here in Minneapolis quite like they do in Florida or Georgia, thriving populations are quite common in southern Minnesota. Outbreaks are common in cities such as Austin, but a little more sporadic with just a few hours of driving to the north. If you head into the woods behind your home and take a hefty kick at the old rotting stumps that are scattered through the thick tree growth, you are likely to see ant-like insects come crawling out in a mad rush and disappear just as quickly. In some instances, these insects will be the all-too-common carpenter ants that flourish in the metro area, but when you see the ones that look more like a two-segmented critter than a three, you are witnessing the all too real Minneapolis termite population hard at work.

What Will They Do?

Termites feed on cellulose, which is an organic compound found in plant fibers including wood. While they cannot make their way through your concrete foundation, they are quite capable of building mud tunnels over and around anything blocking their path. Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damages annually, so if you see anything that indicates there may be cause for concern, be sure to take action right away.

How Will I Know?

Mud tubes, piles of wings, or piles of frass at the base of walls or windows indicate the need to have an inspection done to differentiate between termite activity and all of the many look a-likes. Rove Pest Control Termite Specialists are well trained and carry years of experience in identifying current issues as well as locating areas of future concern to help ward off future invasions. Call a specialist today to find out how you can ensure your home’s structure stays sound and protected.

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