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Minneapolis, MN

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Minneapolis Spider Control


Have you ever looked at a detailed close-up of a spider? Eight long legs, several beady eyes, hairy exoskeleton; what a terrifying image! It doesn’t help your phobias to see an image of a spider several times bigger than reality.

Despite their appearance, most spiders are harmless, but there are a few that need to be looked for. Many spiders do not have enough strength to puncture human skin. Their reputation precedes them; we loath spiders so much that we jump to conclusions when we are bitten. 80% of suspected spider bites are actually the result of other insects.

Nevertheless, the harmless spiders are still a nuisance who love to reside in the dark corners of your home and skitter across your bare legs as you sleep. (Not to mention all those webs you have to dust away from the ceilings and corners.)

Not all spiders that sleep behind your headboard are harmless. There are a few poisonous biting spiders to be aware of, even in the cold North and Midwest U.S.

Northern Black Widow

This spider is one of three species called the “Black Widow.” The female is distinguishable because of her blood-red hour-glass on her abdomen, and they can grow to be about ½ inches. Their bites are Immediately painful, and leave behind two small red marks. Symptoms of a black widow bite include: short of breath, rigidity of limbs, dizziness, back pain, sweating, high blood pressure and painful abdominal spasms. Most healthy adults will be able to recover from black widow venom. But for children, and others of poor health, may not be able to handle it.

Jumping Spider

Most spider bites occur due to jumping spiders. They have short bodies and exceptional set of eight eyes. (They even have peripheral vision). Jumping spiders don’t have the same reputation as the black widow spider, but their venom can cause problems also. Fever, chills, nausea, and vomiting are common side-effects of a jumping spider bite.

A big nuisance, and a potential hazard, spiders are not worth tolerating. If you have a problem with spiders hiding out in your home, a professional is best equipped to exterminate the bugs for good.

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