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Viking Stadium

Have you been down S 6th St recently in Minneapolis? Every time I am down there I am amazed by the speed at which the new Viking stadium is being built. It seems like it was just yesterday that it was nothing more than a city block of dirt and rubble. Things are really beginning to take shape in a hurry.

Many Hands make Light Work

A much less anticipated project is starting to build momentum in landscapes across the Twin Cities right now; its workforce is known as Japanese beetles. Japanese beetles feed on about 300 species of plants, devouring leaves, flowers, and overripe or wounded fruit. They usually feed in groups, starting at the top of a plant and working downward. The beetles are most active on warm sunny days, and prefer plants that are in direct sunlight. A single beetle does not eat much; but it is the group feeding of many beetles that results in severe damage. They too understand what can be accomplished by having many bodies focused on the same objective.

They Came out of Nowhere!

Japanese beetles hide out underground and overwinter in the grub stage. When soil temperature climbs above 50°F in the spring, the grubs begin to move up into the root zone. Following a feeding period of 4-6 weeks, the grubs pupate in an earthen cell and remain there until they emerge as adults.

The Solution

No need to wait for these pesky critters to show their shinny green shells to us before we decide we should do something about them. The key is to start treating before the grubs emerge as adults and begin using your prize winning rose bushes as a three coarse meal. Call Rove today to schedule your free inspection to learn more about the cure to these mini wrecking balls.

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