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Cockroach Control

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Middleton Cockroach Control

When the Algonquin and Winnebago Native Americans were the only ones roaming the paths of Middleton, they would have seen many of the same land features that we see today. I like to imagine that the shores of Lake Mendota and the Pheasant Branch Conservancy are more or less timeless areas between us. I love the idea of conserving the natural wildlife which only deepens my convictions that Middleton cockroach control plans are totally justified.

German Cockroach Originsl

As you may guess by the name, German roaches are by no means Middleton natives. The Algonquins would have had their fair share of pest issues, but the German cockroach was not one of them. 

Despite the name, German roaches likely originated in Southeast Asia centuries ago. After taking advantage of trade routes and conquering Europe, they were side by side with those cheering on explorers like Columbus and De Leon. Once these roaches found a ship to ride on, eventual Middleton roach control was inevitable.

Micro Origins

Most of us aren’t going to benefit much from knowing the history of cockroach expansion and conquering, but it helps to know how they got into our homes and businesses recently. German cockroaches are adept at living with humans in all climates:

  • they love tight places which makes living in our walls convenient
  • they love warmth which makes our appliance motors quite welcoming to them
  • they love our food, food preparation elements, and can get to food that falls out of reach
  • they reproduce rapidly and are tough as nails to kill

Cockroach alignment with our living habits makes Middleton cockroach control a challenge.

Middleton Roach Control Tools

Jobs become easier with the right tools. Middleton cockroach control is no different. The key tools in this realm are: 

  • identification 
  • monitoring stations
  • sanitation & degreasers
  • food reduction
  • climate control
  • exclusion
  • insect growth regulators
  • baits
  • residual applications

Pulling Out All of the Stops

Middleton roach control is our specialty. Regardless of how they found their way into your home or business, we have the answer to getting them out. Just reach out to your Middleton cockroach control experts and we will set you up with a customized and focused plan to get order restored.

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