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Tucked away from the craziest parts of the metro life, Chanhassen is nestled into the elements that make Minnesota such an attractive place to live. Lakes, rivers, ponds, wooded areas and other beautiful parts of nature unfortunately attract more than just people to live close by.

Controlling what?

Odd images from movies and possibly memories of things done for controlling pests decades ago can really influence a person’s perception of pest control for the negative. The good thing for residents of Chanhassen is that you don’t have to wait until there is a large problem to get a professional involved. Pest services are designed to maintain the home and yard from common invaders such as ants, spiders, voles, wasps and anything else that may slightly annoy. Today’s pest control focuses on staying ahead of the game – being proactive instead of reactive.

Current pest issue? We have a solution!

Many times pest control becomes a need at the wrong time…when a pest issue is discovered after being undetected for a long period of time. No worries; with proper analysis and treatment pest problems are something we can get under control! Whether it creeps, crawls or flies, we have a customized solution to get to the heart of the issue quickly and efficiently.

Don’t want problems? We can help!

Maybe you have seen some news reports or even heard horror stories from your neighbors. Even if you are in a brand new house, there are things that can be done to keep your home and yard protected now before anything has a chance to settle in for the long haul. Seasonal visits help you keep ahead of changing weather patterns and reproductive cycles.

Why Rove?

Rove Pest Control, Inc. is a local pest control company that is very aware of the unique challenges in Chanhassen, and particularly the pests that lie in wait for opportunities to open up for invasion. Call Rove today to find out how you can join your neighbors on their regular maintenance route.

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