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We Are Selling This Place!

The typical statement people make when Brooklyn Park’s original residents decide to reclaim their territory. While many think that nature has been tamed and that their property is immune from invasion, many of our fellow critters did not get the notice! It may be a squirrel in the attic or a raccoon terrorizing the yard. Though we may love our wildlife in Brooklyn Park, we don’t want it sharing our home with us!

The Environment

Brooklyn Park is full of trees and lakes, just like the rest of the metro. Due to these environmental factors it is not out of the ordinary to bump into our wildlife. The truth is we love this environment! Nevertheless, lakes and trees provide much of the food, structure and cover that Brooklyn Park wildlife needs to live. The trouble comes when the wildlife that we enjoy at a distance decide that our homes and other structures adjacent to our homes become a regular place to visit or live.

Hot Spots

There are several areas that wildlife in Brooklyn Park target for use in and around our homes. Simple places like under deck structures or other outdoor structures (kids play set or fort) provide protection and cover to wildlife. Attics are a popular target for many climbing critters. Other areas to be aware of are eaves and soffit that may not be tightly constructed, doors that do not shut tight, piping that enters the home, chimneys, and windows that are not tightly fitted or are left open frequently. Any place around the home that is not structurally tight or a critter can get a little paw on or its head through is sure to be trouble in the future.

Wildlife Services

Despite the nuisance caused by a confrontation with the wildlife in the area, there is an answer to the challenge. Call Rove Pest Control and have our Wildlife Specialist come out today! Our Wildlife Specialist will identify the pest and the problem. He will remove the critter from the premises. Lastly, he will provide a plan for helping decrease the odds of a future invasion. Call Rove today!

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