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Tree Scenery

You know why you chose Brooklyn Park to call home; it is the lovely view of the trees that make those long commutes along the 610 tolerable. The blossoms in the spring and the changing colors in the fall make this city a wonderful backdrop for many photo shoots. While the trees are aesthetically pleasing and also provide a place to let the kids run and play in the shade, there are certain dangers to be aware of that are lurking back in the otherwise perfect scenery. Groves of trees mean deadfall which translates to succulent morsels for hungry termites.

Stay Away

For the most part these Brooklyn Park native termites know to stay away from your home and reside in the woods where the pickings are good and plentiful, but as populations expand, swarmer termites will head off in all directions in search for a place to start their own family, and sometimes the wind will blow them in the direction of your home.

Ultimate Protection

While there is not an effective force field that could be placed between your home and the woods, it is also not in your best interest to roam the neighborhood hacking down every tree in your path. Contact a Rove Termite Specialist today to learn about the warning signs of termite invasion so you will know what to watch for. You may also rely on the years of expertise these technicians have in dealing with termites and have them do periodic inspections to check the home for normal signs of initial termite invasion. Contact Rove Pest Control today to find out what level of risk is associated with your home and its surroundings and avoid becoming part of the billions of dollars in property damage that occurs each year.

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