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Brooklyn Park
Wasps Control

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How do they survive?

Sting graphic thumb

Even though most paper wasps die during the winter, new queen paper wasps survive by nesting in protected places such as under the bark of trees, or in cracks and crevices around structures like your house. The heat radiating off of your home from the central heating will provide ideal over-wintering conditions for wasp queens to stay healthy until springtime coms along. New queen paper wasps are the Hunger Game winners when it comes to insect survival in the winter.

Here they come!

Yes Brooklyn Park, spring is just around the corner and when temperatures start warming up, queen paper wasps commonly get together to start a new nest. Eventually one queen will dominate the others, making the less dominate wasps serve as workers for the new colony…this queen’s name should be Katniss.

Not a welcomed site

It won’t be long until eaves of homes in Brooklyn Park will be adorned with the unwanted site of the umbrella-shaped paper wasp nests. The paper wasps build their nests in protected areas such as porch ceilings, window and door frames, roof overhangs, attic rafters and under decks which can ruin that anticipated relaxing time of drinking a glass of wine on the back deck an enjoyable experience.

Rove knows

Rove specialists are well-aware of the various nesting sites of paper wasp nests. In fact, we come equipped with tools to reach these nests that are 20 feet from the ground. Call Rove today and let us end the game with paper wasps.

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