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Spiders aren’t only creepy-crawly, but they also leave a mess of webs everywhere. While more associated with abandoned tombs and graveyards, spiders love to reside with the living. In your home, it seems that the spiders can’t get enough of you.

There are 3,000 species of spiders in the U.S., and it seems like all of the native spiders of Apple Valley, Minnesota decided that your home is their home. It seems like no matter where you turn, there’s another kind of spider to kill and dispose of.

And they just keep getting bigger. The jumping spiders were small, but now the brown wolf spiders are trying to take up residence.

While most of these spiders are harmless, they can make a mess of webs and they can cause continuous stress on both you and your guests. It’s when the poisonous spiders, such as the northern widow spider, move in, that you should get jumpy. The widow spider’s venom is potentially lethal, and its symptoms include: painful bite, shortness of breath, rigidity of limbs, and abdominal spasms. While healthy people are unlikely to die from a bite, the young, old, and sickly are susceptible to the spider’s poison.

While you can try to crush them all with your shoe, or trap them in jars to save the clean-up, calling a professional is the most efficient course. If you want all the spiders truly eradicated, home remedies aren’t the best course to go. Once the more deadly spiders move in, getting a professional is essential to maintain you health and safety.

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